How long is each session?
Typically, sessions are 45 minutes long. If we determine that a longer session would be more beneficial or necessary, 55-60 minute sessions are also available.

How much do sessions cost?
I am an in-network provider with several insurance plans! I currently accept several insurance plans, including Oxford, United, Aetna, UMR, and Oscar. If you are a member of one of these plans, sessions will be billed through your insurance. We will do a verification check prior to our first session in order to confirm that I am in-network with your plan, and to determine if there are any copay or co-insurance payments associated with your plan that you should expect to pay for sessions. If you have another insurance plan that I am not in network with, I am happy to provide superbills for our sessions that you may submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. Please speak with your insurance provider to determine their specific reimbursement rates. My out of pocket rate is $175/45 minute session and $200/55-60 minute session. Sliding scale rates are available for clients with financial need. Credit/debit cards are securely stored on file for your convenience.

I’ve never been to therapy before – what can I expect?
Taking the first step is often the hardest part – give yourself credit for making this leap! Clients often begin therapy from an overwhelmed, entangled headspace, knowing innately there’s something they would like to work towards, but feeling uncertain of what that journey may look like. I strive to join you where you’re at, providing a safe, non-judgmental space to be heard. We will work together to uncover insights and gain clarity, drawing upon your own unique strengths, capabilities, and sense of self. My approach is eclectic and collaborative, beginning with your goals and hopes for treatment, and incorporating creative methods to work together in this pursuit. Our sessions are tailored to best suit your unique needs, and the dialogue remains open for you to voice when something is not working for you, or you’re interested in exploring something new.

Can we meet for sessions in person?
Unfortunately at this time, I only offer virtual sessions and do not have any in-person availability.

I live outside of the state of New York. Can I still work with you?
Unfortunately at this time, I can only work with clients who are located in the state of New York at the time of service, per my license requirements.

I want to learn more and schedule a session – where do we start?
I offer all new clients a free 15 minute phone consultation so that I may get a better sense of what’s bringing you in, answer any questions you have, and so that we can see if it’s a good fit! If we determine during our call that we’d like to move forward, we can then schedule a first session and discuss next steps. Please feel free to reach out via the Contact page for more information!