Kiera works as a psychotherapist, providing individual, weekly counseling to adolescents and adults in NYC.

As a clinician, Kiera takes an eclectic, collaborative approach, beginning with the client’s goals and hopes for treatment, and incorporating creative methods to work together in this pursuit. She enjoys working with clients in a relational, interactive manner, in which both parties can bring their authentic selves into the room and dynamic. Integrating elements of CBT, DBT, psychodynamic, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction practices, Kiera aims to facilitate a process with three distinct objectives: identifying and reframing negative thought patterns, developing a stronger awareness of self through connecting themes throughout the life course, and bolstering autonomy and ability in developing the skills necessary to accomplish goals and find wellbeing.

Kiera specializes in issues of gender, sexuality, and disordered eating, with a focus on female dynamics, empowerment, and wellbeing. Additionally, she holds a BFA in Drama and enjoys working with performing artists around the unique challenges of the field. Kiera is an LGBTQ+ affirming clinician.

At this time, Kiera is not accepting new clients