1. Donna Galan

    As I read your story I could feel the frustration and anger rise up in myself recalling the years my daughters endured bullying throughout Middle and HS years and the years of therapy and counseling for all of us. Like your father, my husband couldn’t understand it. I read Odd Girl Out early on in my quest to help my daughters and found it remarkably true…I told many other moms to read it and began my journey of self help because other than that book, there was nothing written that could help a parent navigate these unfamiliar waters.

    Thankfully we survived these years and I see you have as well. One daughter is a successful business owner today and a kind, gentle and loving human being. My other daughter is still working through some of the scars and has embarked on a career as a college counselor. She too is a kind and gentle loving soul.

    My heart aches for all women who loose their confidence and themselves from girl bullies. Kudos to you Kiera for digging deep and emerging a strong, confident and smart young woman. May your efforts change the way educators, administrators and parents react and manage this truly debilitating experience.

  2. Barbara yusko

    Kiera! This was exactly my own daughters experience in the same HS. It was so painful for her and I feel, almost as bad for me… and I am a teacher. My family became her only friends. She became a great ping pong player as we bought a ping pong table so we could entertain her on the weekends. i tried to reach out to moms I had known for years and they all pretended it wasn’t happening.. just recalling these years is upsetting. Thank you for bringing attention to this “silent killer”. We need girls to be more empathetic. Good luck at Columbia! 🙂

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